Editing Rates

A preview of your work is very helpful because it will reveal the level of effort required on my part.  We will also discuss your needs and expectations. That information plus your word count will enable me to give you a final proposal.  If a light edit is truly all you want, that's OK—as long as we have a clear understanding on that point. 

My initial quick skim plus a sample edit and mini-critique, with estimate, is always at no cost to you. 

I base my proposal calculations on an hourly rate of $30.  If you need a ballpark idea based on page count, the easiest light edit ends up being around $3 a page, and a heavy edit can be as much as $10 per page. (One page = 250 words.)

Send me an e-mail to get our collaboration going.  I look forward to talking with you about this process that will help bring out all the power—and beauty—that resides in your words.

Proofreading Rates

Also likely to be $3 per page. Please keep in mind the standard definition of proofreading when requesting that service: "The process of reviewing the final draft of a text to ensure that all mechanical errors have been corrected." Is your manuscript in its final layout phase and nearly ready to print?  If not, it probably still needs a bit of an editorial touch, and thus might cost a little more than a standard proofread.

The Particulars

I can work from e-mailed Word docs, CDs, flash drives, or hard copies if you do not have an electronic version (you pay postage).  I will use Track Changes on electronic copies unless you specify otherwise.

For web pages, I will paste a copy into a Word doc and send it back to you with changes and comments. The tech part, actually implementing the edits to the web page, I leave to you.

Checks or money orders are fine for U.S. residents, as is PayPal.  PayPal or wire transfers are best for international clients.  I often request 20% of the total as a retainer and the remainder after you receive the completed work.

Your privacy is guaranteed 100%—I will share none of your work with anyone for any reason.